10 Reasons Liquids Are Better than Pills & Powders for Immune Support

10 Reasons Liquids Are Better than Pills & Powders for Immune Support

Posted by Jude Lenart on

We prefer liquids for immune support because your body does too. 

In fact, there is no disputing the evidence and here is why:

1. Our system doesn't have to break down a liquid, this allows more biovital properties to be absorbed and that makes the liquid more powerful than an equivalent tablet.

2. When using pills & tablets, your body first has to process them into liquid form. This wastes valuable time & energy when compared to a liquid alternative.

3. Liquids take only 1-4 minutes to be absorbed; way faster than alternate delivery methods.

4. Pills, capsules & tablets can take up to 30 minutes to break down before we can even begin absorbing their benefit.

    5. Our bodies can utilise nearly 100% of the goodness from liquids.

    6. Compared to a maximum 50% from pills & powders.

    7. For micronutrients to reach our cells, they must first be suspended in a solution, ie they must be or become liquid.

    8. Medical studies show liquid extracts have significantly faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates & are more digestible than dry material.

    9. Liquids can be pleasant, soothing & are easily swallowed.

    10. Liquid medicines are the preferred form of delivery in hospitals because of their immediate availability to our bodies' systems.


    Our Bio-First Health Defence range has all of these advantages and more.



    Kids 2+ Protect & Restore  essential remedy pack


    If you wanted to ask me any questions on this, I'd be happy to help. Email me at hello@bio-first.com, or live chat on the website with one of our health experts.


    Dr Jude, Co-Founder @ Bio-First



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