How We Developed the Preservative System for UltraSensitive Skin Rescue Lotion

How We Developed the Preservative System for UltraSensitive Skin Rescue Lotion

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Was it easy?

The simple answer is no. Developing this formulation has taken over 18 months. The preservative system was, by far, the most challenging aspect of developing a genuine hypoallergenic topical product. 


Our UltraSensitive Skin Rescue Lotion is more than just a moisturiser for sensitive skin. 

It has been developed to provide special care for chronic conditions by helping to restore your skin’s resilience through skin barrier function repair, feeding your skin’s good bacteria for improved skin microflora and being pH balanced. 

This means there are particular natural ingredients in the Lotion that must be preserved without causing any irritation whatsoever (except for rare cases where someone is actually allergic to an ingredient).

Over time we tested various options to arrive at a solution that is entirely suitable for hypersensitive skin yet also ensures the Lotion remains effective, clean and safe for use.

Our Preservative System is a magical combination of:

  • Zemea propanediol – a PEG alternative used as a preservative booster, made from renewable grain sources
  • Sodium levulinate – from sugar cane, antimicrobial and skin conditioning
  • Sodium anisate – from star anise, antimicrobial and skin-conditioning
  • Sodium dehydroacetate -  antimicrobial, fungicidal, non-irritant, non-sensitising, FDA certified safe for leave-on products
  • Caprylic capric – an antioxidant made with natural oils and glycerine to increase shelf life
  • Glyceryl caprylate – antimicrobial plant-derived preservative booster

So as you can see, not simple, but effective in giving you a safe-to-use clean formulation and in case you were wondering if we use this combination for other skincare products, no we don’t – every formulation requires its own special solution.

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