Daily Immune Support with our Liquid Health Syrup & Liquid Health Oral Spray

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Liquids are Love by Life

Healthy liquids are loved by life - high bioavailable (which means you get all of the benefits ASAP), rapidly absorbed, readily digested and easily consumed.

We drink them down and our bodies soak them up - nothing like what happens when we take dry stuff like tablets & pills.

In our Liquid Health products, my goal was to make a luscious healthful mixture for daily family wellness using proven ingredients and our 'science by nature' approach.

Pure Natural Daily Immune Support

With a focus on daily immune support (staying & getting well), I began by choosing Concentrated Elderberry from Europe. Including this at 15% which equates to over 4 times what you get in most Sambucus products!

I then added 15% intense & exceptionally bioactive Concentrated Blackcurrant from New Zealand...

Plus of course a large dollop of high grade Manuka Honey UMF10+ to enrich, fortify and sweeten naturally.

Mix in some helping herbal thyme and then add the 'secret weapon' - our superfruit complex.

Superfruit Complex

Our superfruit complex is totally unique and also from New Zealand.

The complex is derived from the especially protective and productive parts of five superfruits - white & red wine grapes, boysenberry, blackcurrant & kiwifruit.

Powerfully antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamin C & free from any nasties.

There you have it, all the bioactives and biovitals in Bio-First Liquid Health Syrup.

Our Liquid Health Oral Spray has the same potent ingredients, combined in different proportions, with the soothing addition of Aloe Vera & Slippery Elm.

These products are free of alcohol, added sugar or artificial sweeteners. They taste good & are good for you & your whole family...

That was my mission - you be the judge!



Dr Jude, Co-Founder @ Bio-First

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