Is Your Immune System Under Attack? Try Our 'Self Heal' Syrup & Oral Spray

It happens to all of us, we get run down, we're exposed to germs and our immune system comes under attack. 

Sometimes we're strong enough to fight it off, but often we need help and that is where our amazing 'Self Heal' Syrup and 'Self Heal' Oral Spray come in.

Why are they so amazing at helping defend and restore your immune system?

Well it all starts with a long forgotten herb - Self Heal.

Why use something you've never heard of and know nothing about?...

Why not stick to what is common and well know?

Because this herd's common name is Self Heal or Heal All and Prunella vulgaris has been called that for centuries.

So obviously there must be good reason, and there are plenty.

Self Heal

  • is safe
  • is pleasant tasting
  • is soothing
  • has strong antioxidant properties
  • has strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • aids in lowering cholesterol
  • The lists goes on... and on...


To our custom Self Heal, we add these treasures from nature's medicine chest:

  • Powerful Pomegranate.

    Another ancient, coming from the cradle of civilisation and packing intense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Thyme

    Nourishing, germ hunting and antioxidant

  • Aloe Vera (in the Oral Spray)

    Your throat needs to be soothed at the same time!



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