Natural Relief for Rosacea-Prone Skin

This troubling long-term condition causes embarrassment and sometimes discomfort. Each case is highly individual, with most sufferers experiencing episodes of being better or worse.

You can read more about the condition here.


Heat is enemy #1!

Whether from the sun, hot water, perspiration or spicy food.

Alcohol is enemy #2

Whether from having a few drinks or from using skin care containing alcohols.

Other chemicals and irritants in cosmetics can make matters worse.


Cool and calm is the motto for Rosacea.

So cooling and calming skin care is the requirement.

Bio-First's Manuka Skin Saver may give some relief here.

Specially protective ingredients in this all-natural gel can penetrate the surface and improve skin appearance. The touch of zine that we add in is also a help.


A handy tip is to mix some Skin Saver into your liquid foundation and apply them together to improve appearance while helping to relieve the problem.

Alternatively allow Skin Saver to soak in first before applying your make-up. 


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