Our Awesome Superfruit Complex

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Born of New Zealand

Turning the ozone hole to advantage - New Zealand's high levels of UV radiation have forced the flora to adapt by producing extract amounts of protective compounds including antioxidants (double the amount of French red grapes for example!).

In humans our most protective part is our skin, the most procreative part is seed (sperm & ovum).

Fruits are no different - their skins protect, their seeds procreate.

Often we eat the flesh, full of juicy goodness & discard the rest...

But many other creatures eat the whole thing, getting all the benefits too.

Our Concentrated Superfruit Complex

Bio-First brings them back to you in our Superfruit Complex, an amazing blend made in New Zealand, home of world famous wines.

No surprise then that red & white wine grapes go into the complex along with locally grown boysenberry, blackcurrant and of course, kiwifruit.

With a great pedigree of scientific validation, our Superfruit Complex is exceptionally antioxidant and anti-inflammatory....

With particular benefits in improving circulation, infection protection and cardiovascular support.

It is free of any nasties and is perfect for use in our Bio-First Liquid Health products.

We are thrilled to share this unique, concentrated ingredient with you for your families' everyday health & immunity.

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