Post-Procedure Skin Distress & what to do about it?

Posted by Byron Darroch on

There are many dermal treatments these days, ranging from those with a clinical basis to others that are more cosmetic. You can read about 2 of these here

New products and therapies are constantly appearing but they all have one thing in common: temporary skin disturbance with the intention of achieving some sort of reset.

Depending on the procedure, the immediate effects may be mild or severe, brief or longer lasting.

Usually you will be given advice regarding care of treated areas and this should always be followed.


Generally, cooling & calming is best!


This can be achieved with the use of cold water, avoidance of all irritants, including environmental and the application of Bio-First's Manuka Skin Saver.

This highly unique gel is made from premium natural ingredients that are soothing, protective and relieving.

With high grade NZ Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Milk Thistle Extracts, our Skin Saver is readily and rapidly absorber to sooth & relieve deep down.

This pure natural gel is virtually edible and helps to restore and improved the appearance of distressed post-procedure skin.

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