The Immunity Healthboost Combo: Elderberry & Blackcurrant

Posted by Byron Darroch on


What better way to prove the protective potential of elderberry than by assessing it in air travel? Pre COVID of course...

Australian researches conducted a large fully controlled study of long haul passengers and found that supplementation with elderberry extract significantly reduced cases of the common cold. Both severity and duration, compared to passengers who took a placebo.

Air travel isn't the only way to catch a cold or respiratory infection.

We're often exposed to these risks in daily life so good general health is the best defence...

But sometimes we just need a bit of extract help - like in winter, at school, when socialising with unwell people, or just if tired, run down & stressed....


Combining shiny elderberries and super-dark blackcurrants offers a lovely natural immune support combo.

Our Blackcurrants come from New Zealand because they contain over 50% more anthocyanins than those found anywhere else in the world, plus the amounts of vitamin C are amazing.


What you get with the combo is a big hit of protective compounds (like antioxidants & vitamin C) and truly biotvital support for your immune system... Particularly if you're feeling a bit average.

These divine and intense tiny fruits are anything but average!

It takes a lot of them to make the thick syrupy concentrates that we use and that's why a little goes a long way in supporting your family's everyday health and immunity.

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