What happens to my skin after a procedure like Dermabrasion or Microneedling?

Posted by Byron Darroch on


Typically after microneedling, you're going to be walking away with flushed & red skin. It can feel like you have mild-sunburn.

Often your skin is going to be swollen and sometimes your skin can peel.

Infrequently you might suffer from breakouts and dry skin.



Being a significantly more invasive procedure that is undertaken under anaesthesia the skin is typically extremely sensitive post-procedure.

Your skin is going to be blotchy, red & irritated while also being subject to swelling.

This can last for several months post-procedure.


If you'd like to learn more about how to best look after your skin post-procedure, click here.


*Please note this is not medical advice and you should always seek such advice from medical professionals.

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