Why is our Lip Sore Cream Right for you?

Friends for Life?

Lip sores are often a 'friend for life', but not the sort you want...

This kind of 'friend' is best dealt with the minute you hear that ominous knock at the door. Don't delay!!

Take action to make this visitor go away before setting foot in the house.

If the friend gets inside, be sure to be very unwelcoming.

Many people find their standard method of doing this becomes less effective over time.

Quite understandable given the 'friend's' ingenuity and persistence in finding ways around your defences.

Bio-First Lip Sore Cream

A New Approach is Required

Bio-First Lip Sore Cream is exactly what you need!!

A unique & powerful response designed just for you.

We've selected potent & premium essentials oils, combined with other pure naturals to create a proven protective that also relieves.

  • Manuka and Kanuka Oils from New Zealand
  • Sandalwood and Lemon Myrtle Oils from Australia
  • Beautiful Bergamot
  • Soothing Aloe
  • Restorative Jojoba
  • Plus trusted favourites Menthol and Zinc Gluconate.

This translucent cream is highly concentrated and smells divine... try on other areas if the need arises.

You'll love it but your unwelcome visitor won't!!


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