Back to School / Back to Nature

Back to School / Back to Nature

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That sounds good but in reality, back to school can mean 'back to bugs'...


Catchy bugs too like coughs and colds, school sores, hair nits ... and more!


Best to be prepared and pre-emptive:


  • Supplements are a common choice but keep in mind most are made in the lab from synthetic vitamins, dry and lifeless. A good bioactive liquid rapidly delivers health benefits and can taste nice too. Bio-First Kids Manuka Soother Oral Spray is a 3-in-1 syrup packed with high grade manuka honey and phytoactive extracts to support immunity, soothe, and calm the throat. Convenient and tasty.


  • Skin nasties can be managed with another multi-purpose product, Bio-First ‘Self Heal’ Salve, which does what is says, and is antibacterial. Here's a great tip: apply a thin smear to hairline at the back of neck to deter nits from taking up residence on your loved one!


  • Anxiety can be an issue with return to school and children prone to Eczema may get flare-ups at this time. We can help. Our Ultrasensitive Skin Rescue Lotion is a clinically proven, non-irritant moisturiser endorsed by customers for use on problem skin. A must for many!


All our products are:

  • Multi-award winning
  • Made in Australia
  • Family friendly.
  • But products alone are not enough…


Children thrive with love, good food, exercise, rest, lots of water, and attention.

You can support them going back to school with plenty of these essentials.


 Kids Remedies Kit - The ultimate skin and wellness support kit for kids (2+) with powerful ingredients straight from nature's medicine cabinet.


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