Bio-First Childhood Eczema Skincare: latest evidence

Childhood Eczema Skincare: latest evidence

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At Bio-First, we’re always keeping up to date with the latest research. We have a belief that the current standard of care needs an overhaul and this study backs this up.

Recently a large trial of over 500 children with eczema in the UK has been reported:  “Effectiveness and safety of lotion, cream, gel, and ointment emollients for childhood eczema : a pragmatic, randomised, phase 4, superiority trial” 2022

This study set out to compare performance of commonly recommended lotions, creams, gels and ointments. 

Median age of the children involved was 4 years old.

Products used were:

  • QV Lotion; Cetraben Lotion; Diprobase Lotion  (all paraffin based)
  • Epimax Cream; Zerobase Cream; Diprobase Cream; Aquamax Cream (all paraffin based)
  • Epimax gel; Zerodouble Gel; Doublebase Gel; Aproderm Gel (all with liquid paraffin and isopropyl myristate base)
  • Emulsifying Ointment BP; Diprobase Ointment (both paraffin)


  • 24% of the children experienced worsening of their eczema
  • 23% experienced itching with use of the products
  • 20% has redness or inflammation with use of the products
  • 16% had dryness of the skin
  • 16% experienced stinging from the products
  • 7% felt a burning sensation

There was no significant advantage or disadvantage between products in the study.

In total 37% of these young children suffered adverse reactions and overall, although the aim was to compare different product forms rather than emollient efficacy, any improvement in condition appeared to be negligible.


This is general information for our readers, not medical advice or opinion.



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