How to Increase Immune Defence Naturally for 2023

How to Increase Immune Defence Naturally for 2023

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Changing Seasons Call for Changing Practices

Right now some people are looking forward to the warmer weather and longer days of summer while others around the world prepare for the winter. ‘Down Under’ in the southern hemisphere we’re getting ready for long days, lots of sun and more fresh air, Which sounds great from a health perspective, but carries a range of risks we can manage, by:

  • Keeping well hydrated
  • Protecting from sunburn
  • Trying to get adequate sleep
  • Avoiding exhaustion

Taken together or even separately each factor impacts our immune systems and affects susceptibility to illness. So be sure to:

  • Drink plenty of water every day and go easy on alcohol
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Allow time for relaxing rest

A Good Diet is Essential

Keep it natural is always best, by radically reducing:

  • Processed foods
  • Refined starches and sugars
  • Transfats
  • Additives 

Please don’t forget to focus on protein, in whatever form you prefer except manufactured powders if possible. Some high quality, low fat protein every day is essential for all ages to support growth, cell repair, bodily functions and an active lifestyle.

What about supplements? 

Be very choosy because most are synthetically made using GMO ingredients, petrochemicals, or other harmful compounds. 

Instead look for ways to naturally support immunity, whatever the season:

  • Fresh superfoods and drinks
  • Supplements made from natural edibles
  • Liquid forms for rapid bioavailability
  • Free from ethanol, artificial flavours and colours

Last but not least, be happy and give happiness – it’s the number one immunity booster!



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