What’s better? Synthetic or Natural Health Boosts?

What’s better? Synthetic or Natural Health Boosts?

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Should you be getting your health boosts from Mother Nature or from a Factory?

Did you know that not all vitamins and minerals are created equally!!

There are 13 essential vitamins, in three categories:

  • Made by the body, such as vitamins D and K
  • Found in food, such as all vitamins
  • Synthetically manufactured

Why should I care where my nutrients come from?  

You be the judge. Let’s ‘take’ vitamin C. 

Unlike other animals humans can’t make it so we need to obtain some on a daily basis. 

Foods are the natural source with fruits and some veggies having the highest levels, providing an ample intake. 

Manufactured vitamin C is an alternative or additional source but what are the differences?

What’s better? Synthetic or Natural Health Boosts? Bio First
What’s better? Synthetic or Natural Health Boosts? Bio First

Which would you prefer to take or give your children?

The story is the same for all other vitamins and micronutrients – natural sources are always the best. 

Remember these vitamins and minerals don’t exist in isolation in nature…

Think of Calcium in milk – we can’t get the whole goodness of milk from a Calcium tablet! 

Humans need natural whole foods or concentrates of them, not single compound synthetics.

Our bodies know the difference!

Our bodies know the difference and try to excrete or fail to absorb much of the synthetics often made in mega doses. 

More isn’t always better, more can be harmful especially if the micronutrient is stored in body fat and can eventually become toxic above tolerable levels.

Nature’s health boosts occur in combinations that are highly evolved and synergistic.

We have a special affinity for these naturally balanced forms that existed before us as part of the ecosystem that would support human life.  Why mess with miracles!?

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