Is Fresh Air Really the Best For Healing those Everyday Skin First Aid Situations?

Well, if you want the simple answer, then generally it is going to be NO...

Medical research has shown time & again that wounds actually heal best when they're in a clean and moist environment.

That is why nurses & doctors put bandages & plasters on really serious or chronic wounds!

The same is true for first aid wounds...

They really just like a clean, moist environment.

Especially one that provides amazing & complementary healing agents and support at the same time.


  1. Always clean the wound of dirt & blood from the area
  2. Deal with the germs that might be present
  3. Apply a healing aid to help with the natural processes
  4. Keep the area covered, and change regularly
  5. Some products combine Steps 1 & 2 making it even easier for you!


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