Lip Sore Cream

Natural, non-toxic alternative to rapidly care for unsightly lip breakouts.
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Customer Reviews

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super impressed with this product

really impressed with the results from using this cream for ONLY 2 DAYS! I was hesitant about it being all natural and thought it might not make a big difference as my lip was already pretty bad and painful but i applied this cream twice a day for 2 days and it pretty much disappeared! great to know there are natural alternatives out there to the harsh products youll be sold in pharmacies. thanks Bio-First!

Crystal Suesskow
Great product

Great product! Helps eliminate all pain and tingling, and clears up appearance within days.

Xianghong Garrison
Work effectively

I love lip sore cream, it works effectively and feel no irritation.

Loving my lips!

This lip sore cream is great. It is more like an oil than a cream. I love all the natural ingredients and it is not stinging my very sore and dry lips. Taste is great. Recommended.

Hi Elllen,
We are so pleased that you are loving the Lip Sore Cream and that it is helping! You might actually find that it is coming out more like an oil due the pump not activating correctly (a rare malfunction that we recently identified). But don't worry - we'll sort you out with replacements - now in tubes, so that issue is completely resolved and you can use the Cream as we intended you to.
Thanks again

Lillian Cochrane
Lip Sore Cream - great for speeding up natural healing process of sore

My son and I both get lip sores when we are run down. It is something I have dealt with my whole life and it's so painful to see a little toddler having to deal with them. My biggest issue is that a lot of products are aimed at stopping them come up, but often with kids its already past that stage by the time you notice it's there.
We were given this product to trial, obligation free, but I wanted to write a review as it worked really well for my son, and it is wonderful to find a natural alternative that is not just about trying to stop the lip sore come up, but actually treat it once its there.
Last time my son had one, it turned into an ulcer like wound on his chin/lip, because he kept licking it and it stayed moist. It got so bad that he was refused day care because it looked like he had Foot and Mouth. This time we used the bio-first lip sore cream the minute we saw it there, already looking a bit like a wound unfortunately, but it helped it resolve in days and never got to the ulcer stage that his typically go through.
My only complaint is that the oil and cream had separated, so when we used the pump only oil would come out, so I had to pop the lid to get the mousse-like cream. But I spoke to the brand about this and they are already onto this issue, turns out it will be being released in a tube in future, which will be perfect and totally solve that problem!
Pictures below of when my son's sore first came up, healing itself with help after 2 days and 5 days later.


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