Benefits of Living a Low Tox Life & How to Start

Benefits of Living a Low Tox Life & How to Start

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Living a Low Tox Life

The low tox life concept, more like a phenomenon, is a response to high toxicity in modern living. Much of this can be measured yet most of it is invisible, making it hard to grasp.

Issues range from atmospheric pollution to chemical sunscreens and pretty much everything in between. It covers the air we breathe, water we drink, what we eat, the cars we drive and houses we live in, to mobile technology, electromagnetic fields, global conflicts and toxic relationships!   

We’re powerless to fix some of these but others can be managed and the benefits are major:

  • More safety
  • Better well-being
  • Improved brain function
  • Enhance body health
  • Greater longevity

These benefits, which are integral to a human being / being human, can be enjoyed by developing and applying a new awareness in everyday life...

Low Cost Low Tox

There are heaps of websites, blogs and even courses to choose from in getting started but the key steps to low tox life are fairly simple :

  • Mindset – Once conscious of toxic risks your attitude changes from ignorance to awareness to taking action
  • Nature – At this point, spend some time in nature appreciating its awesome complexity and beauty, the miraculous design we are all part of and actually embody ourselves
  • Review – Back to the ‘real’ world (so often unlike the natural one) and time to carry out a risk review of what you and family are eating and drinking/putting into and onto your bodies, using around the home, and hooking up to, for constant connectedness!
  • Research – Take time to explore low tox options for the highest risk areas, choosing affordable practical alternatives
  • Explain – If you have a partner or family get them on board / on your side by demonstrating pleasant benefits, i.e. how a low tox food can taste super nice, a low tox product can feel lovely, a low tox cleaner can smell divine!
  • Implement – Start making changes, either small ones across all areas or big ones in those most important to you
  • Enjoy! – Lox Tox life is natural and doable, we are all designed for it so don’t stress about every little thing or being too strict (but do limit alcohol both in and on the body!). Low tox life will work for you and family when it feels normal, enhancing the emotions and wellness.

                  Low Tox Life is integral to self-care – they go hand in hand


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