Rules for Rosacea

Rules for Rosacea

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Rosacea is a skin condition involving facial redness. The exact cause is unknown, but certain factors are linked to many cases:


  • Fair skin and Celtic or Scandinavian origins
  • Age between 30 and 50, often female
  • Infection with skin mites
  • History of facial acne

In fact there are 4 types of Rosacea and for this reason it is recommended to be

expertly diagnosed, especially to check if there are skin mites to deal with.

Apart from that possibility, keep in mind that immune activation is implicated in Rosacea so any chronic or untreated systemic infection will worsen the condition.

There are other triggers to consider and avoid:

  • Heat – take care with sun, hot water, sweating, hot drinks, hot spice foods
  • Excess alcohol especially red wine, and any alcohol in skincare products
  • Harsh ingredients : camphor, menthol, urea, lactic and glycolic acid, SLS
  • Practices like exfoliation, scrubs, peels, and use of astringents
  • Exposure to cold dry winds or hot humid sweaty weather

Here are the good things to do if your skin is prone to Rosacea :

  • Drink plenty of cold filtered water, especially after alcohol
  • Look after your eyes and get medical advice if there is redness
  • Wash face with gentle cleanser in cold water, morning and night
  • Use plenty of unperfumed moisturiser through the dayhypoallergenic is best
  • Ensure it is pH balanced (close to skin pH of 5 to 5.5)
  • Apply zinc-based low irritant sunscreen when needed and wear a hat
  • Manage your stress levels and keep calm – that will help calm the redness
UltraSensitive Skin Rescue Lotion is a rich penetrating moisturiser clinically proven to be non-irritant and highly biocompatible.
Many people have chosen it for self-care of Rosacea prone skin...It works well under makeup, is non-comedogenic and is well worth a try!

Jude Lenhart, PhD


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