Bio First Wins Gold, Silver & Bronze in the 2024 Universal Beauty Awards

Bio First Wins Gold, Silver & Bronze in the 2024 Universal Beauty Awards

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From over 700 entries, Bio-First has won a Gold, Silver & Bronze in the 2024 Universal Beauty Awards 2024. 

Our best seller UltraSensitive Skin Rescue lotion took home a Gold for ‘Best Probiotic Cream’ & a Bronze for ‘Best Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin.’ 

Alongside this, our much loved Kids Manuka Soother Syrup - took home a Silver for ‘Best Cold, Flu & Immunity Supplement 2024.’ 

We are incredibly honoured to be selected within an industry recognised program which celebrates excellence, innovation & outstanding products. Our award winning products have been intentionally created to help those who experience irritated, dry, red, itchy & flakey skin - often presented in eczema, rosacea and psoriasis prone skin conditions. 

“Like you, we were tired & disappointed with the options available on the market to care for our family. These being either; toxic, chemical-based products or so called natural products that weren’t actually genuine once we looked deeper. This is where we started our journey & set out to develop genuine natural remedies which work.” Dr. Jude & Byron, Founders Bio-First.

Taking home three awards for Bio-First products is a testament to Dr. Jude & Byron’s dedication, using all natural, Australian made ingredients & formulations which can have life changing results. Giving people solutions to care for their family & transparency towards the products they are using.

You can read more about our awards here.

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