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Is Rosacea caused by H pylori? We do some research

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H pylori infection of the tummy has been linked to the skin condition Rosacea. This connection was made by Beridze et al in an article that appeared in the Georgian Medical News, 2020. Their study, conducted in Russia found that 80% of people with Rosacea had the H pylori bacterium, a finding that has since been quoted elsewhere.


Does this Russian research prove the connection?  

On its own probably not, because when looking at broader health data, 78% of Russian adults have the H pylori bacterium. 


This is reported in Global Prevalence of H pylori infection: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Hooi, J. et al 2017 in the Journal of Gastroenterology. (In fact Russian rates were previously even higher, recorded as 88% in 1996).


This is currently the rate in Nigeria where the prevalence of Rosacea is below 1%. While conversely in Norway, where Rosacea is quite common, H pylori infection is only 33%. 


Scandinavian and Celtic people have the highest incidence of Rosacea in the world but lower levels of H pylori compared to other groups.


What does it all mean?


We know that neurovascular dysregulation, activation of the immune system, and infestation with Dermodex skin mites are among the most likely causes of Rosacea, and having very fair (type I or II) skin is the single biggest risk factor. 


Of course any infection, including H pylori, will activate the immune system so that is a link.

(NIH Library of Medicine: Rosacea Farshchian, M & Daveluy, S. August 2023).


Our core advice for Rosacea self-care remains:

  • Avoid triggers  (UV exposure, spicy food, alcohol)
  • Use pH balanced skincare
  • Moisturise affected skin regularly
  • ..... and of course if there are infections or Demodex mites, get rid of them!

Jude Lenart, PhD


 *Please note this is not medical advice and you should always seek such advice from medical professionals. Dr Jude Lenart has a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, she is not a medical practitioner.



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