Bio-First: Sensitive Skin and our Top 10 TLC Tips

Sensitive Skin and our Top 10 TLC Tips

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One third of people, young and old, will experience skin sensitivity in their lifetime. The rate is higher for very pale-skinned people and lower for those with darker skin. 

Babies, and the elderly are especially susceptible but almost anyone’s skin can be or become sensitive on some part of the face or body at some time in their lives. 

Here are the main causes of Sensitive Skin:

  • Genetic – born with fair delicate skin type or inherited tendencies
  • Health – chronic low level of wellness makes skin more vulnerable
  • Environmental – exposure to toxins, strong UV, air pollution, harsh climate, plant or insect rashes
  • Lifestyle – excessive sunbathing/tanning, heavy drinking or smoking, chlorine pools and spas, toxins, irritants and chemicals in workplace
  • Dietary – allergen foods, chemical residues, food sensitivities, poor digestion, low water intake
  • Medical – disease conditions, drug side effects, treatment issues, allergies, some dressings and bandages, topical steroids
  • Hormonal – fluctuations or abnormalities, pregnancy changes, menopausal decline in oestrogen, high stress cortisol and others
  • Emotional – feelings affect skin sensitivity, sensitive skin can feel hurt
  • Practices – frequent cosmetic procedures, over-washing, scratching, low exposure to fresh air, tight sweaty chafing clothes
  • Products – some soaps and shampoos, most deodorants, many sunscreens, harsh exfoliants, cheap essential oils, low quality skincare, irritant ingredients, laundry powders, cleaning materials, latex gloves

Looks like a long list of things to worry about but don’t stress, that will only make things worse! 

There are two sensitivity types to consider:

  1. Sensitive – skin areas that are always, often or episodically sensitive
  2. Sensitised – skin areas that continue reacting to particular triggers

Sensitised skin can be managed by identifying and avoiding exposure to the triggers if possible.

Sensitive skin needs regular routine special care.

Both types will benefit from our Top 10 TLC Tips:

Note: 100% of participants with skin hypersensitivity and/or itchiness            experienced improvement after using Bio-First UltraSensitive Skin Lotion in an independent study.

UltraSensitive Skin Rescue Lotion 100ml


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