Manuka Skin Saver, the perfect natural Wonder Gel!

Manuka Skin Saver is born

Our Manuka Skin Saver is unlike any other topical product we've ever seen!

For one thing, it's theoretically edible, though we don't recommend that...

This amazing gel is powered by medical grade UMF10+ Manuka Honey partnered with Milk Thistle, Aloe Vera & Manuka Oil.

This never-before-seen combination of natural active ingredients is

  • specifically designed to help protect & soothe distressed skin
  • ultra-calming & hydrating for the skin
  • aids in rapid skin barrier protection & repair
  • super soothing & restorative
  • fragranced by nature and leaves a light, smooth film on the skin while getting to work deeper down at the same time.


Make-up can be applied over, or try mixing a bit of foundation into the gel & applying them together for daytime use.

Entirely suitable for all ages and stages, MSS also stands for Miraculous, Soothing, Safe... experience & enjoy!


The Genesis

We wanted to help protect a friend's distressed facial skin during a lengthy course of radiotherapy in a targeted area.

There were many aspects to consider including DNA vulnerability, adsorption, inflammation & efficacy. Several development gels were created, each for different stages of treatment, but it was what is now our Manuka Skin Saver that worked best for the whole radiotherapy treatment cycle - before, during & after therapy.

Then other friends and family started to try it for other distressed skin situations...

  • on eczema-prone skin
  • on irritated shaving rash
  • on post-procedure skin
  • on skin damaged by UV exposure

And all found it to be instantly soothing & nourishing. Helping to relieve and improve the appearance of their skin.

We are confident that our Manuka Skin Saver can help you & your family in the same way.


Dr Jude, Co-Founder @ Bio-First


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