Why our 'Self Heal' Salve is the perfect natural option for your first aid kit?

Sometimes, you just need something that is all-natural and gentle yet gets the job done at the same time. Harsh antiseptics are not always the answer!

Our 'Self Heal' Salve is a special pale gold balm bringing together the precious Self Heal (Prunella vulgaris) herb with one of nature's most rare, expensive and ancient extracts, Frankincense.

Not just any Frankincense, but the Boswellia carterii species which can be found in only 3 countries in the whole world!

This aromatic salve is the go-to all-purpose skin aid for those every day skin upsets that happen to you and your family.

Available in an easy & convenient dispenser, be sure to keep it on hand for those hurt skin that happens daily.

Our 'Self Heal' Salve unites centuries of wisdom with advanced analytics, it really is science by nature at its best.

Simple, straight forward nature

You'll find these amazing gifts and more from mother nature inside:


  • Restorative Self Heal
  • Ancient Frankincense
  • Nature's amazing repairer - Milk Thistle
  • Soothing Aloe Vera



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