Being prone to Psoriasis and how to manage it naturally

Being prone to Psoriasis and how to manage it naturally

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Truly among the most mysterious and disturbing skin conditions, Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that is difficult to treat and hard to live with. 

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There are expensive systemic therapies and topical products that help but also have side effects.

Because every case is different, self-care measures for those prone to Psoriasis should be tailored to the individual.

These could range from diet to yoga and beyond!

It is well known that alcohol, whether consumed or in skin care, will aggravate those prone to Psoriasis. 

It is also known that limited sun exposure is helpful and so is Aloe Vera.

A prime necessity is to moisturise at risk areas to help maintain the skin barrier function.

Bio-First's Manuka Skin Saver is designed to soothe, nourish & hydrate skin prone to Psoriasis powered by medical grade Manuka Honey.

It will:

  • Calm, hydrate & soothe your skin
  • Help rebuild & strengthen your compromised skin barrier function
  • Provide instant & ongoing nourishment



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