Bio-First Bioactives

Every single one of our treasured ingredients has been used for thousands of years by many cultures and scientifically or medically confirmed in modern times as naturally medicinal & beneficial.

Aloe Vera

This renowned succulent is nature's first-line answer to unhappy skin. The gel is soothing, hydrating, protective and healing. 

It feels marvellous and in low concentrations can also support oral health. Aloe is the major component of several Bio-First tropicaIs so please consider this if among the very few with sensitivity to it. 

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Cultivated in Egypt 4,000 years ago, this aromatic flowering plant has been widely used in food and medicine by several cultures, and around the world in modern times. Its distinctive strong flavour, digestive calming and antimicrobial effects are well known, with antiviral properties having also been recently confirmed. Bio-First searched for a gentle non-alcohol anise seed extract but only found cheap powders, so we commissioned our specialised supplier of natural liquids to make one for us to use in syrups and oral sprays.

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This thorny flowering tree found only in Morocco produces a nut with kernels from which a precious oil is extracted. Argan is a unique species with no relatives. Trees can be 200 years old, surviving tough arid conditions to yield a non-clogging oil highly valued remedy for skin health, hydration, barrier repair, protection and enhancement. Prized by the Phoenicians 1500 years ago and loved for skincare today.

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This unassuming root vegetable is virtually a health miracle, not only as a potent nutrient but also as a nitric oxide booster of value even in the context of viruses as a respiratory protectant. The humble red beet is packed with powerful anthocyanins, flavonoids and fibre (those with FODMAP sensitivity should avoid overconsuming). Bio-First uses a concentrated juice from Europe that is rich, syrupy and a delicious health base for some of our liquids.

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The bergamot orange is a Mediterranean fruit, yellowish green outside and lime coloured inside. Bergamot blossom is creamy white with a gorgeous scent and the whole plant has a distinctive citrus fragrance familiar to many in Earl Grey tea, and appealing to most people. 

The essential oil is extracted from inside the fruit rind. It purifies and tones, is cleansing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Bio-First chooses non-phototoxic bergamot oil from Italy for complete confidence in skincare use. 

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Blackcurrants from New Zealand have 50% more anthocyanins than those found anywhere else in the world, plus the amounts of vitamin C are amazing. These tiny shiny treasures are almost black, growing in clusters on grape-like vines. Apart from their benefits for immunity, blackcurrants regulate cholesterol and glucose levels. They can be a bit sour but we're very sweet on them!

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Cool, calm soothing cucumber has long been a home remedy for tired dehydrated or inflamed skin. It actually has the same pH range as our skin surface, making it nice and gentle. Cucumber reduces water loss and also sebum levels, improving hydration and balancing oiliness. The fruit extract has a lovely fresh aroma that enhances natural formulations.

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Rightly renowned for their super-active benefits, elderberries grow in a glossy purple black profusion and are proven to reduce cold symptoms, duration and severity while also being generally antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory - need we say more? Just that we use over FOUR times the concentration found in most Sambucus syrups!

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Back to before the time of the bible, frankincense has a mystical and medical aura…. It is the original incense. Frankincense oil is made from the resin of  Boswellia trees, native to the Middle East, India and parts of Africa. The heady scent is known to arouse beneficial responses and the oil has many uses in topical forms. Bio-First uses a particular variety, Boswellia carterii, for its special properties and suitability. 

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Green Tea

Here we have a lovely flowering evergreen, native to East Asia where it has been used in a medicinal way for possibly 5,000 years! Well known in the West as a drink, Green Tea is used by Bio-First in topical products for skin protection and anti-inflammatory effects which can help relieve redness or rosacea-prone skin. Our Green Tea extract is alcohol-free, thus retaining its naturally subtle aroma and non-irritant character.

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Like aloes, jojoba is a desert native but this one looks more like small olive trees. 

The fruit contains a wax, commonly known as jojoba oil. Like many species from arid lands, jojoba has exceptional characteristics of value to human life. Bio-First favours jojoba for it's outstanding sebum compatibility, moisturising quality, and repairing nature. It is simply a joy to use.

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Kakadu Plum

Native to tropical Northern Australia, the Kakadu plum has by far the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit in the world. Rightly revered by indigenous people it also contains several other antioxidants. Kakadu has multiple traditional uses as a food and medicine, especially for helping to prevent and relieve colds and flu. Our sugar-free syrup is made from plums wild-harvested by local communities, processed without alcohol or chemical additives. Bio-first appreciates the opportunity to share this treasured remedy with you in liquid products.

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A close relative with a different name, Kanuka resembles manuka and also yields a wonderful rich honey. While manuka is the red 'tea tree', kanuka is the white 'tea tree'. At Christmas time in New Zealand summer, its masses of tiny blossom give the native bush a snow kissed appearance. 

Kanuka is slightly more delicate than manuka, the oil is lighter and aroma softer but health benefits are many and various. Kanuka is an underappreciated member of the family now gaining well-deserved recognition, particularly by Bio-First. 

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Lemon Myrtle

This 'first cousin' of the extended Myrtaceae family is native to Australia. It is found as a small tree with bright shiny leaves and clusters of white lemon scented flowers. 

All parts of lemon myrtle have a divine citrus scent, fresh and uplifting. With a widely used intense flavour, it also has important antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic activity. 

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Maori people of New Zealand knew the magic of manuka, and later arrivals quickly appreciated its value in wellness and illness. Bio-First uses manuka leaf, manuka oil, and medical grade manuka honey in its genuine natural remedies. and the world famous manuka honey as special ingredients.

Every part of this New Zealand native has unique properties and character. The leaves make a wonderful tea rich in vitamin C and phyto-actives, the small pretty flowers have a distinctive aroma and pollen loved by bees, the seed capsules are potent and protective. 

Manuka is a proven antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. The honey has multiple uses and powerful healing qualities. Manuka is truly magic. 

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Milk Thistle

This widespread robust plant has striking purple flowers  and large serrated leaves but it is the seeds that are used in health and medicine. Traditionally and still today milk thistle is taken orally however topical use is emerging strongly.

The seed extract is impressively bioactive in skin protection and repair, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. The seed oil is lovely and light. much richer in tocopherols than vitamin E, and beautifully restorative. Overall an amazing ‘new secret’ in skincare.

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A nutritious gluten-free grain, millet has been a staple food in Africa and India since crop cultivation began. Bio-First has found a fermented millet seed extract combined with lactobacillus that creates a postbiotic for ultrasensitive   skincare. This special ingredient made in Switzerland is clinically proven to protect atopic skin and re-seal the skin barrier. It promotes healthy microbiota, hydrates, soothes, and improves skin appearance.

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High-grade colloidal oatmeal has an impressive pedigree in skincare for reducing inflammation and itch. It acts as a pre-biotic, improving skin barrier function and demonstrating efficacy for Eczema-prone skin. This purely natural remedy is gentle and very well received by human skin, young or old.

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Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean where they have played a special role in food, health, society and spiritual symbolism for many cultures. The trees can have immense longevity – one in Portugal has been dated at nearly 3,500 years old so there are thousands around that have ‘lived through’ all of modern history as we know it! Bio-First uses olive-based ingredients for their exceptional emollient qualities in moisturising and hydrating the skin.

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Literally in a class of its own, pomegranate has no close relatives and is truly unique, from its smooth blush exterior to its seed filled interior. Originating in the cradle of civilisation, pomegranate has a proud history in health use due to its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from that the juice of this exotic fruit is delicious, nutritious and intense.

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Straight from the heart of the sacred sandalwood tree comes its oil, rare and precious. The exotic fragrance is beguiling and unique, appreciated equally by males and females. 

In natural medicine sandalwood is applied topically, infused, inhaled, and sometimes ingested. It is toning, penetrating, soothing, antimicrobial and balancing, perfect for topical use. Sandalwood essential oil is highly prized and priced .... beware of imitations. We only use the real thing. 

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Sea Buckthorn

Truly an amazing plant that survives sub-zero climates and high altitudes where the red-gold berries are often picked frozen! Its survival depends on especially on having very high Vitamin C content plus linoleic acid, also found in human skin sebum. Sea buckthorn oil is gold-ruby coloured, containing special properties for skin regeneration and repair – it has even been found to increase skin thickness. Among our planet’s most intensive oils, Bio-First includes sea buckthorn to help moisturise, soften, restore and protect.

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Self Heal

An ancient member of the mint family, self heal (Prunella vulgaris) is found growing in most parts of the world and has been highly valued in many cultures. This aromatic edible herb produces vivid purple blue flowers and tender, tasty leaves. All parts of the plant have been used medicinally for a wide variety of healing issues both internal and external, hence its other common name of Heal All. We use a custom formulated alcohol-free extract that is powerful, palatable and safe for the skin & body. A Bio-First gem.

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Superfruit Complex

The amazing defence systems of nature can care for you too - made in NZ from the most protective and productive parts of five fruits including sauvignon grapes, boysenberries and kiwi-fruit, our Biovital Blend offers high performance antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action with superiority confirmed by scientific testing.

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Enjoyed worldwide as a culinary herb, thyme is also found in many products such as mouthwash, cosmetics and even chewing gum!

Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans knew what they were doing when they chose thyme as a valued medicinal. It is a broad spectrum antibacterial, plus anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. We use it as a flavoursome phyto-active in our Immune Support formulations.

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Yerba Santa

Known as Holy Herb this large flowering plant grows on poor rocky land from Mexico to Oregon. Long valued by Native Americans to deal with respiratory problems, Yerba santa is believed to reduce secretions and inflammation while also offering strong antioxidant activity. Bio-First is thrilled to be using a lovely Holy Herb extract that is organic, alcohol-free, and a vital component of some of our liquids.

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Knowledge from Nature


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