Miracle of Nature, Product of Love

Miracle of Nature, Product of Love

Posted by Jude Lenart on

A baby and brand are born

A baby is born, my second grandson - sweet miracle of nature and product of love.

Soon after, along came the idea: products of love from miracles of nature...

Baby's birth had given birth to a brand and helped inspire its name - Bio-First.

Bio means life, and life comes first.

It must be carefully nurtured!

Bio-First means Alive

So Bio-First to us means alive, vital and new. 

Our products are naturally bioactive, unlike the synthetic products manufactured from industrial materials that are too often recommended!

Those lifeless vitamins and creams are made using unfriendly chemicals from petroleum and other harsh sources - our bodies really struggle to deal with them let alone derive any nurturing benefit.

Cheap to make, not always cheap to buy and not nice to use...

 ... totally different from biovital treasures crafted by Bio-First into pure natural living care for the whole family!


Reuniting human and plant biology

We do this by walking through nature with science at our side - and we do this because they so obviously go hand in hand.

Nature is the landscape, science is the guide - we love what nature has to offer and make our selections according to what is safe and most effective.

Pure living care from science by nature is the result and we believe that this has true value for you and your family from ours.


Thanks for being part of our Bio-First journey.


'Dr Jude'



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