What Goes in, What Goes On - For the Skin & Within

What Goes in, What Goes On - For the Skin & Within

Posted by Jude Lenart on

Many natural treasures can help heal us both inside and outside - we have one body so what we eat affects our skin and what we put on our skin can affect us internally. 

This is bad if we choose harmful things but very good if we select wisely.

In our own small way, Bio-First is at the forefront of uniting what goes on with what goes in.

This is an emerging trend that makes perfect sense if practised creatively and with care.

There are several special ingredients that go into both our topical and oral products, sometimes in different forms as with Milk Thistle.

Of course it is not an entirely new concept - the ancient civilisations used many bioactives in this way, putting them on the skin and in the body.

Most traditional societies had favourites regarded as panaceas, essentially all-purpose solutions to most health problems, used in a variety of ingenious ways. 

I have my favourites too, from all over the world!

Today the science backs them up. Researchers the world over explore with advanced technologies how natural compounds work to provide a benefit.

One of the key lessons is what the ancients always knew: use things as nature intended instead of isolating components to achieve an effect.

Eat the Manuka Honey or put on your skin rather than extract a single part of it - one can't deconstruct a miracle!

And better still, try a Bio-First product that marries the Manuka with other powerful botanical superfoods & health protectors to enhance the overall effect.

Thanks for joining in the Bio-First journey.


'Dr Lenart'




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